Judy's  Himalayan Haven 

   Kittens for sale Salem Oregon

Pure bred Himalayan Queen

Pure bred Himalayan & Persian kittens for sale

   We are a small intimate Cattery located in Salem Oregon.  Judy's purebred Himalayan & Persian Kittens will capture your heart just as they have captured ours.

       Our kittens are intensely cared for, healthy and pest free purebred non-CFA Himalayans & Persians. View their photos in our gallery. And you can learn more about coloration and point description here.  For more info on the Himalayan & Persian breed click here.

 "Himmie" cats are sweet-tempered, intelligent, social & great companions. Because of their heritage from the Siamese they generally are more active then their Persian cousins.


 The disposition of the Himalayan & Persian cat makes for a very good companion. Our kittens are gentle, calm & sweet-tempered. They do very well with children and other animals. They are also playful and love their toys. But being cats they thoroughly enjoy lounging & love being petted & groomed. Some even have a love for water!

 For more information or sales query, please call or email us.  Contact page